Thursday, May 5, 2011

On Her Sleeve - Spring 2011 Final

My sophomore final. The project was a little ambitious, and there are lots of things I would have liked to have time to improve, like adding breathing holds, more follow through, less reliance on really long still frames/after fx shortcuts, better line quality and scans at a higher dpi. That said, it was a really great learning experience, and I have a much better feel now for how to handle this kind of heavy project.

All of the background textures are hair. They were made by scanning in my wigs and making color alterations and cutouts in Photoshop. It was supposed to be a quickie solution, but the resulting aesthetic is actually kind of cool, and it helps to inform the narrative a little.

Thank you to Amanda, who did an enormous chunk of the Photoshop work basically for free. You're amazing. Also to my voice actress, Parker, who is a complete badass. And to everyone in the department who offered me advice, help and moral support.